The Miz screws up finish, but referee gets fired

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The Miz screws up finish, but referee gets fired

Wes Adams, a referee from ECW was fired because he screwed up a finish of the main event on 12/8 (Miz/Morrison vs Mark Henry/Matt Hardy). Below is the entire story. What was supposed to happen
Matt Hardy goes for a super Side Effect and covers Morrison.

However, Miz saves Morrison at the last second. What actually happened
The Miz missed his cue to break up the pinfall attempt, so he did not make the save. Morrison noticed this, and he tried to break up the count at the very last split second by putting his shoulder up, so the original finish could continue, but Adams had already counted to three.

Referees are instructed that if a finish doesn't go as planned, judge the match as if it were a shoot match. In this case it would mean that if a pinfall that is supposed to be broken by a tag partner doesn't get broken up, just go for the three count and don't stare around waiting for the partner to come in.

Now, Morrison tried to not let the match end that way by going for the last split second kickout, but Adams probably was a bit confused because The Miz was nowhere to be seen and didn't see Morrison put the shoulder up, so he ended the match and granted Hardy and Henry the win.

(One could even argue if the shoulder was up before three) The reaction backstage
Adams was one of those referees that was dedicated to his job and therefore loved and appreciated backstage. He showed up early at almost every show and he stayed late as well too.

Many people backstage feel that he shouldn't have been fired over this, since he was only doing his job. Should he have expected Morrison to kick out anyway, and watch out for that? Maybe, but the backstage feeling is that Adams was just a victim of circumstances.