Cain Velasquez On Getting Payback

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Cain Velasquez On Getting Payback

WWE recently held its first ever Friday Night Smackdown episode on FOX. The episode was well received and many exciting matches took place. The WWE was able to put out a great show and the people enjoyed it overall. That being said, not many great returns took place.

The show was full of surprises. That is where the WWE is shining these days. WWE knows that it needs to put out great shows these days to beat All Elite Wrestling. That is the reason why they are paying top stars to work for them.

During the episode, we even had a segment where Tyson Fury nearly came into the ring to fight Braun Strowman. Another surprise was the appearance of Cain Velasquez. Cain came out to the ring after Brock Lesnar beat Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title.

Brock squashed Kofi and took the title away from him in the main event of the show. The match lasted for only a few seconds. During a backstage interview, Cain stated that he was back to teach Brock a lesson. "I'm here because Brock Lesnar knows what he did," Velasquez said.

"It wasn't right, I saw it. I'm here to get some payback." He wants to fight Brock for what Brock did to Rey Mysterio and his son during a recent RAW episode. Cain definitely thinks that what Brock did was extremely unfair and hurt his friend really badly.