Triple H on Using WWE’s Private Jet

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Triple H on Using WWE’s Private Jet

A number of business people in the world need to use private jets regularly. Some use them for fun, while others use them because they have to. Some business people have to go from one meeting to another in a short amount of time.

They cannot do that if they do not have their own private jets. It is true though that most private jets in the world are quite luxurious. WWE’s private jet is very well equipped and WWE executives can work while being stress free in it.

Triple H is WWE’s EVP and he can use WWE’s private jet. Triple H is probably the most important person in the professional wrestling industry after Vince McMahon right now. He spoke about his private jet on the Sam Roberts' wrestling podcast.

He stated that he uses the jet for work and not to enjoy himself. "It is realistically the only way that we can do, from a television production standpoint, it's the only way we can do what we do and get to the places that we need to go to," said Triple H.

"So, when I was a talent I never flew on that plane or anything else. From a company standpoint, from the Executives, or Vince McMahon's standpoint, in order to get to and get back to wherever that's not, people talk about how nice it is and that we get to eat sushi or whatever, yeah, while you're working.

It is an office in the air. If anyone has met Vince McMahon he doesn't stop, he's 24/7 so it's an office in the air."