Triple H on Handling Disagreements Backstage

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Triple H on Handling Disagreements Backstage

Being a high ranking officer of a wrestling promotion is far from an easy job. Professional wrestling promotions need to make money through their wrestlers and officials are responsible for running the shows. The officials have to come up with interesting storylines and scripts which will generate interest and ticket sales.

Inside the WWE, officials have to work closely with the creative team. They are held responsible if tickets do not sell well and most of the time Vince McMahon is the one that makes bad decisions. Of course, he never admits that he makes bad decisions.

Triple H is currently the EVP of the WWE. He has wrestled for the WWE for most of his career and knows how the business works. Despite that, he has to deal with plenty of disagreements backstage. He spoke about how he handles them on the Sam Roberts' wrestling podcast.

"I think as long as you have a logical and reasonable explanation, somebody may totally disagree with you. But as long as I feel as I can defend my position of here is what I am telling you and here is why I am telling you and this is why I feel it should have happened or the reason is, as long as you have that logical reasoning behind you and somebody might say that they disagree with the outcome, but okay, here is how I got there.

It's not like I made something up and I just don't like you so I am going to do this. There is a logical reason for it and as long as you are there you have to make your decision and stick with it," stated Triple H.