WWE Star Shad Gaspard Speaks About New Show

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WWE Star Shad Gaspard Speaks About New Show

It is a widely known fact that WWE Stars cannot wrestle forever. Some wrestlers have to retire early sometimes as well if they get injured badly in the ring. There are only a small number of WWE Stars that can wrestle after turning 45.

They usually end up with horrible injuries, but they simply stay because they love the WWE Universe. The most famous stars in the WWE make tons of money. The ones that are smart open up a business which helps them generate some passive income.

This secures their future. Of course, not all WWE wrestlers are wise. They spend all of their money and then have nothing left after they quit wrestling. That can never be a good thing for any wrestler. They also start suffering from various health issues.

Most of the issues are related to their injuries that they sustained during their professional wrestling career. Shad Gaspart is a former WWE Star and was part of Cryme Tyme. Just like other smart former WWE wrestlers, he too has started his own business and has continued working.

He was on Twitter and revealed that he will start his own show soon. Gaspard wrote, "Had an amazing table read with an awesome cast, this show is going to shock the hell out of people. Here is a scene from the read of my TV drama, PinFall set in the backstage world & personal lives of professional wrestlers."