The WWE Releases Statement on HIAC Main Event Finish

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The WWE Releases Statement on HIAC Main Event Finish

WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV event recently took place. Almost all of the matches take place inside a Hell in a Cell. The main event featured Seth Rollins and The Fiend. The Fiend challenged Rollins for Rollins’ Universal Title.

Even though the match was pretty intense, the finish was not well received. Many fans started booing and even stayed after the event had ended to show their displeasure. Many thought that the match ended via DQ. The match actually ended due to the referee stopping the match.

WWE recently released a statement which confirmed that the match stopped as the referee was the one that stopped the match: "Clearly sensing that a line was about to be crossed, the referee tried to stop Rollins from using the hammer.

But The Beastslayer did it anyway, bringing the tool straight down on the whole pile, causing the ref to wave off the match while a crew of medics tended to Wyatt. Rollins, who was clearly on the verge of madness, made the mistake of straddling his fallen foe and quickly found himself ensnared in the Mandible Claw as Wyatt rose up from his back and continued his attack”.

It seems like the WWE simply decided to end the match because it was too brutal. That is quite strange as we have seen some extremely brutal stuff in the WWE. This is nothing compared to what used to happen in the past.