Matt Taven on CMLL Luchadores

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Matt Taven on CMLL Luchadores

In order to compete with the WWE, many small indie promotions partner up and go on a tour. This is not something that the WWE does anymore. When WWE was a small promotion, it used to do exactly what the smaller indie promotions are doing right now.

Even though smaller indie promotions do this, they still can’t beat the WWE. These days, Ring of Honor and CMLL are the ones that partnered up. CMLL is full of luchadores. The luchadores are a special breed of wrestlers.

They use high flying moves to entertain the fans. The WWE hires a few luchadores and most of them have to spend their entire careers outside of the WWE. Matt Taven is the former Ring of Honor World Champion. He spoke about the partnership and the Luchadores.

He stated that they do not get a chance in the WWE on the WINCLY podcast. That is the reason why he likes the partnership between CMLL and Matt Taven. "I think some of the best luchadores of the world are almost being hidden from an American audience.

Anything we can do to expose them to the ROH crowd is a positive," Taven said. "We live in such a great wrestling world where you can get anything from your phone, but at the same time I think there's an exposure that these guys deserve that is being done through ROH's relationship with CMLL”.