Fans Chant “AEW!” At HIAC PPV

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Fans Chant “AEW!” At HIAC PPV

The WWE often gets it wrong! They think they know what the fans want but more often than not fail to deliver good quality shows. A number of WWE Fans are sick of the product and make sure that they bash the WWE everytime they make a bad booking decision.

The fans use their voice, but Vince McMahon usually turns a deaf ear towards them. The Hell in a Cell PPV event took place recently. The event is usually an exciting one as most matches take place inside Hell in A Cell. The Hell in a Cell main event saw Seth Rollins defend his WWE Universal Title against Bray Wyatt, who is now The Fiend.

Even though the match was great, the fans didn’t like the finish at all. In fact, many fans stayed after the show had ended to show their displeasure. The fans started chanting “Bulls***!” and “AEW!”.

The chants were super loud. Fans started booing Rollins after he began is sequence of delivering one finishing move after another. He delivered more than a dozen of his finishing moves, but still couldn’t finish The Fiend.

That is the reason why fans were disappointed and started booing. The chants and boos continued until the very end of the show. Besides these chants, the WWE fans also chanted “Refund!”. They absolutely didn’t like the show one bit it means. This is not good for the WWE, as they look to beat AEW.