Vin Diesel on John Cena’s Acting

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Vin Diesel on John Cena’s Acting

John Cena is one of the most popular WWE stars of all time. He captured the WWE title more than 15 times in his career. He started working for the company in the early 2000s and had an awesome debut match against WWE Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle.

Cena is without doubt one of the most loved and hated WWE stars of this generation. These days, Cena is focusing on his acting career and was featured in Fast and Furious 9. He is already a very popular action hero and he makes tons of money.

Cena hasn’t officially quit the WWE, so we may see him in the future someday. He appeared at WrestleMania at the Doctor of Thuganomics. One of his co-stars in Fast 9 was Vin Diesel, who is also a very famous action hero.

Vin spoke about Cena on Yahoo Entertainment. He praised John Cena and stated that his character will blow the fans away. "Week 16, Fast 9 and it truly is as Jordana [Brewster] says a bittersweet moment because someone who've I've had the great pleasure of working with, John Cena, is finally filming his last day," said Vin Diesel.

"I have to tell you when you see him in this movie, when you see his character come to life you will be blown away. You are going to be ecstatic about what he's contributed to this saga."