Tyson Fury on his kids being Braun Strowman fans

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Tyson Fury on his kids being Braun Strowman fans

Tyson Fury made an appearance in an angle on WWE's debut of SmackDown on Fox on 4 October 2019. He stared down Braun Strowman during his match, and Strowman later threw one of his opponents, Dolph Ziggler, at Fury. After the match, Fury jumped the barricade, but was stopped by security.

The WWE announced that Fury would be given an open mic for the following episode of Raw. Fury appeared in the last segment of the 7 October 2019 episode of Raw and demanded an apology from Strowman as the two traded insults.

They then had a "brawl" which was separated by some of Strowman's fellow professional wrestlers. On 11 October 2019, it was confirmed that Fury and Strowman would have a match at WWE Crown Jewel, with the contract having been signed on the 15 October episode of Monday Night Raw.

In a long interview with Sam Roberts, he commented on his kids being Braun Strowman fans: “I’ve been looking to get into WWE for a number of years but with my boxing commitments, I have not had the opportunity to do so, or the time with my commitments.

The opportunity arose recently, and I took it with both hands. Not only for me, to be able to fight at such a stage, but also for my kids as well. They’re massive WWE fans, and their massive Braun Strowman fans. So you know, I’m scoring brownie points for the kids forever. Best dad in the world”.