WWE Was About to Purchase Indie Wrestling Promotion

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WWE Was About to Purchase Indie Wrestling Promotion

According to rumors, the WWE will start WWE NXT. The announcement will most likely be made on Friday. This is good news for the indie wrestlers that are in Japan and aren’t hired by NJPW. For months, various reports suggested that the WWE officials want to start the WWE NXT Japan brand soon.

On the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer reported that WWE officials have started the project. They are in talking to various indie wrestling brands that are in Japan and might close a deal soon. One report suggested that WWE wanted to purchase an indie promotion in Japan for WWE NXT Japan’s foundation.

We do not know how close the WWE is to closing a deal. We do know that they were interested in purchasing Pro Wrestling NOAH, but a deal was never struck. According to rumors, the WWE wanted to hire Japenese talents to train the wrestlers for the new brand.

The WWE is thinking about opening a WWE Performance Center in Japan. Meltzer stated that the WWE will probably sign two top Japenese talents for NXT Japan. The names of those talents are so far not known. WWE NXT is doing pretty well in the US and the UK.

Many hardcore wrestling fans believe that NXT is better than RAW or Smackdown, as NXT focuses more on wrestling rather than backstage storylines. Some NXT wrestlers are now popular WWE wrestlers.