Marc Mero on Sable Joining the WWE

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Marc Mero on Sable Joining the WWE

Marc Mero used to work for the WWE and the WCW. He was a guest on the Steve Austin Show were he spoke about his life and career. Steve Austin used Skype to talk to him. Sable is Marc’s ex-wife. He spoke about her on the show.

According to Marc, Sable decided to re-join the WWE without consulting him first. She contacted Vince McMahon in 2003 and joined the company. "I'll never forget this," Mero prefaced. "She calls me up and she says, 'hey Marc, what do you think if I go back to wrestling? And, Steve, with God as my witness, I was dumbstruck.

I go, 'are you crazy? First of all, they hate you! Vince would never have you back! Are you crazy?' She goes, 'I already talked to him and he said he'll think about it.' Are you kidding me? And that's how it all started.

She had to go apologize to some of the big stars of the company at the time and I won't mention names, but she went and did the right thing. She went back, and she apologized, and she got Sable back”. Sable was without a doubt one of the most controversial Divas that ever worked for the WWE.

She was only used as a showpiece and hardly wrestled in the ring. She was also involved in various storylines, including having an affair with Vince McMahon.