Marc Mero on Sable Cheating Him

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Marc Mero on Sable Cheating Him

Marc Mero was a former WWE and WCW performer. He wasn’t a very famous wrestler and is currently working as a motivational speaker. Marc was one married to Sable, who was a very controversial WWE Diva. Marc spoke to Stone Cold Steve Austin on Skype and spoke a lot about Sable.

Sable is now the wife of WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar. Sable cheated Marc by having an affair with Brock. That led to them getting divorced. On the show, Marc spoke about how he found out that Sable was cheating on him. He also mentioned that he was devasted after he found out that she was cheating.

"I remember thinking, 'something's going on. She [has] got to be seeing someone.' So I remember, she didn't answer the phone one night, so I really cut this promo on her cell phone and I was like, 'how could you do this, not answer your phone? "So I think I called back her phone.

I knew her password because we were that close. We knew each other's passwords and stuff. So I thought, 'let me delete this before she hears it, right?' So I called back her number and punched in her code. It says, 'you have two unheard messages.' And okay, I have to listen to the first one to get to mine and it was another wrestler talking about them two”.