Marc Mero on Losing Everything

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Marc Mero on Losing Everything

A number of former wrestlers make a few bad decisions in their lives that cost them millions of dollars. Most wrestlers do not know how to manage money well, and they don’t make smart investments. That is the reason why most of them struggle after they get old.

Marc Mero is a former WWE and WCW wrestler who almost lost everything that he had in the mid-2000s. He was married to Sable and a series of events during that time left him devastated. He recovered from all of that and is now a motivational speaker.

He spoke to Stone Cold on his show through Skype. He spoke about how he lost $1.6 million in a day after he got divorced and nearly lost everything that he had. "I made a huge error in my life, [which] was I not only got into gambling, but I got into day trading," Mero admitted.

"Now, I still had a lot of money at that time, but I got into day trading, which is just like gambling! You're in front of that computer all day long buying and selling stocks. Steve, I lost $1.6 million, okay? So now I got back to zero.

I remember I was down to my last $200,000. That's all I had left to my name." Marc now finds peace in helping other people and making sure that they do not make the same mistakes that he did. He especially doesn’t want people to get into gambling.