Rikishi on Whether Roman will Leave for Hollywood

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Rikishi on Whether Roman will Leave for Hollywood

A number of popular superstars over the years quit WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood. Professional wrestling is not an easy job. Hollywood is definitely more attractive than the WWE for most famous superstars. The WWE wrestlers put their bodies on the line almost every week and that can result in horrible injuries.

That is why the wrestlers quit. They also make a lot of money in Hollywood especially if they are famous WWE wrestlers. Roman Reigns recently starred in the film Hobbs & Shaw. He starred alongside his cousin The Rock. Rikishi, The Rock and Roman Reigns are part of the Anoa’i Family.

On The WINCLY podcast, Rikishi was asked whether Roman would quit WWE to join Hollywood someday. "Well, in pro wrestling your mind says you can go but at the end of the day it's how we feel," stated Rikishi.

"Trust me, I miss the fans but my body hurts. You just can't do certain things anymore after putting it all on the line for years. Sooner or later those bones start to break down. At the end of the day, I know I can't perform as much as I like as the body isn't what it once was, but what can I do to utilize this platform and stay in the public eye?" It is true that professional wrestlers deal with all sorts of health problems after they get old.