Jack Hager answers AEW vs WWE comparisons

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Jack Hager answers AEW vs WWE comparisons

Ever since All Elite Wrestling (AEW) entered the picture as a bona fide rival wrestling promotion of the longstanding Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), asking for comparisons has become the norm. Those wrestlers who have switched promotions from WWE to the AEW, either amicably or in bad terms, have become the go-to persons to ask for comparisons between the two pro wrestling promotions.

Jack Hager, while he appeared on the Busted Open Radio, was also asked to compare between his former promotion and the one to which he is presently signed under. The 37-year-old minced no words in making his opinion felt although he said that the two promotions were as separate as “night and day”.

He said, “Night and day, it really is; it's hard to compare the two. You get there and immediately if I want to go and talk to Tony Khan, I can, he makes himself available and is not hiding behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz”.

But accessibility to the top guy is just one part of what makes AEW unique for Hager. Hager feels the other is that all wrestlers signed under AEW are doing their best to “build a future” in a promotion that is not the WWE.

“It's really nice to go in there and if there's something that I need to go in there and talk to the boss, it is easy. It's not stressful, it's not a, oh, what kind of mood is he in? It's nice and I think you see that attitude trickled down from the top all away across.

You see that as professional wrestlers they always say that the boys ruin it for the boys but what I see is a bunch of young and hungry and really want to be a part of something and really trying to build a future outside of the WWE,” he said.