Hugo Claims that WWE Talent Were Extremely Concerned

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Hugo Claims that WWE Talent Were Extremely Concerned

New reports continue to emerge about the WWE talents that were stranded in Saudi Arabia. As noted, many WWE Superstars could not make it in time for this week’s WWE Smackdown event. The WWE superstars could not make it back to the US after the WWE Crown Jewel event.

WWE Spanish commentator, Hugo Savinovich spoke about the whole situation on Hannibal TV. According to him, the WWE stars were held back and were kept from flying out of the Middle East. Huge stated that this was because the company was woned millions of dollars for the show that they organized in Saudi Arabia.

"It was a very difficult and dangerous situation because of the fact that Saudi Arabia had already been in serious trouble when they killed that reporter in Turkey at the embassy. So the boys were a little bit - not a little bit, they were very, very concerned," Hugo added.

"Vince (McMahon) had left the country already and Brock (Lesnar) had his own plane. It was just about big, big money, millions of dollars that this guy did not send and Vince got upset and cut the feed for South Arabia”.

"And that has the Prince upset, and it stopped them from leaving the country and got them off the plane," Hugo continued. "So basically what they're doing is they're originally trying to make it look like it was just a mechanical situation”.