Hugo Savinovich on Superstars Being Kidnapped

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Hugo Savinovich on Superstars Being Kidnapped

Many famous WWE superstars did not appear at this week’s Smackdown event as they were stranded in Saudi Arabia after the WWE Crown Jewel event. Many reports have emerged since then which suggest that they are more than just stranded and it was not a simple mechanical failure that prevented them from flying.

On HANNIBAL TV, Hug Savinovich spoke about the situation. According to him, the wrestlers were kept from flying and it had to do with the country owning millions of dollars to the WWE. Hugo event went on to claim that the WWE stars were actually kind of kidnapped and that is the reason why they were in this situation.

"Of course, we always know that money talks. And if Vince gets the millions of dollars, and maybe the Middle East - that big TV contract, because it didn't happen and in one day he lost over 200 million dollars (in stock value).

So, it's a very complicated situation but the talent was, you know, I don't want to use the word kidnapped but he ordered a kidnapping and the guys were stopped from leaving the country." It is true that WWE makes millions of dollars every time they do a show in Saudi Arabia.

It is also true that many of the wrestlers are paid really well for performing there. This entire situation might lead to the WWE never doing a show in the Kingdom ever again.