DDP on His Yoga Program

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DDP on His Yoga Program

We all know that professional wrestlers cannot wrestle forever. They have to take plenty of bumps almost every single week, and eventually, their body gives up! That is one of the reasons why many wrestlers have to retire or fight less after they turn 40.

The body loses its ability to recover from brutal injuries after that age. Diamond Dallas Page has fought some of the best wrestlers of both past and present. He was one of WCW’s biggest stars and is currently a WWE Hall of Famer.

He was on the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about Eric Bischoof and his Yoga business. After speaking about Bischoff, DDP promoted his Yoga Business. His business is called DDPY. He has a special package available these days. "Anybody who goes to DDPY.com, you've got seven days free on the app.

Or if you're the old school you can get the DVDs. Right now it's 20 percent off on everything," stated Page. "I never got more than 30 percent ever, and that's Christmas time, but if you're a veteran it is always 50 percent off on the DVDs and the app.

"You just have to go through, fill out a form, get you checked out and you get clicked off and you get 50 percent off." DDP is known for his famous move, the Diamond Cutter. Randy Orton uses the exact same move as his finisher but calls it the RKO.