Booker T on What’s Next for The Fiend

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Booker T on What’s Next for The Fiend

Bray Wyatt is one of WWE’s top talents right now. Bray Wyatt climbed to the top of the WWE slowly. He started working for the WWE at WWE NXT and eventually made his way to the main roster. Some people consider him good enough to replace The Undertaker at some point.

After suffering multiple injuries, Wyatt took a significant time off to recover. He made his return to WWE TV several months back. He appeared on his own show called Firefly Funhouse. He appeared more colorful than ever before.

Wyatt introduced The Fiend Character during one of the episodes. He has since then used that character to attack various superstars. Wyatt took on Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title at the recent WWE Crown Jewel event.

He won the WWE Universal Title. The Fiend is, without doubt, one of the most difficult wrestlers to beat in the WWE. Booker T spoke about The Fiend on his podcast. He is quite interested in seeing what the WWE does with him now that he is the WWE Universal Champion.

"I said it on the kickoff show as we're getting ready to go into a new era. Bray Wyatt is going to be not only the conqueror of the WWE, going from The Undertaker and then moving onto John Cena, and now The Fiend has arrived," said Booker.

"Where does The Fiend go? He can't just keep popping up and cutting the lights on and off. We need to put the rocket on him and send him straight to the moon and let everyone else chase. We need to find someone who can beat The Fiend."