Corey Graves on Randy Orton’s Professionalism

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Corey Graves on Randy Orton’s Professionalism

Corey Graves is a well-known WWE commentator. He is slowly and steadily becoming extremely famous in the professional wrestling industry. He is also a good looking and stylish man. That is the reason why he has a huge set of fans.

Corey recently spoke about the entire Saudi Arabia and WWE issue. Last week, some superstars could not make it back in time for WWE Smackdown after the WWE Crown Jewel event. Due to a mechanical issue, they could not fly out of the country.

That is why WWE had to get some NXT stars on Smackdown that week. Corey stated that Orton remained professional throughout the entire time the stars were stranded there. “This happens, this is part of our life, we all have travel woes, we all have travel issues.

You know who wasn't complaining? Randy freakin' Orton. If anyone has the cachet and the right to speak his mind and raise hell, it would be Randy Orton. He's got a it of a reputation for doing that. But Randy got it; it wasn't that any of us on that smaller charter were more important than anyone else, it was about doing the damn show.

It was about being a professional and delivering what was advertised. It was the company any maybe the network trying to decide who can make this show as close to whole as possible.