Corey Graves Praises Saudi Arabia

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Corey Graves Praises Saudi Arabia

The WWE regularly holds shows in Saudi Arabia. The shows help WWE generate millions of dollars. Saudi Arabians love the WWE and wanted the wrestlers to perform there. The WWE has taken full advantage of this. Many wrestlers make millions of dollars when they work a show in Saudi Arabia.

Some wrestlers are actually afraid of going there are prefer to stay in the US. even though most shows have gone smoothly, the recent Crown Jewel event did not go smoothly. A huge number of WWE wrestlers could not leave the country after the event due to a mechanical failure in the engine.

That left most of the wrestlers stranded. Even after all of this, Corey Graves, a famous WWE commentator, praised the Saudi Arabian government. He stated that they have always had a good experience there and he himself always enjoyed working there.

"We went over to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel as we have done, I believe, four times now. It was an awesome experience; the travel over there was easy, it was fun, we were all on this enormous charter jet, had a great time," Corey said.

"We got there the night before, had a day off to spend in Saudi Arabia. And let me be the one to say that I had my reservations the first time I went over there, as well. But the people over there have been nothing but gracious”.