Corey Graves on Airport Situation

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Corey Graves on Airport Situation

The WWE held a number of high profile shows in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis love professional wrestling and the WWE started holding shows about an year ago in the Kingdom. It is without a doubt a big achievement! Although most of the WWE shows that take place there go smoothly and end smoothly, the last one did not.

It was the Crown Jewel event and things did not go well after the event. Many of the wrestlers that we in Saudi could not leave the country. The plane that they were supposed to travel back in had some mechanical issues which prevented them from leaving the country.

Corey Graves spoke about the entire situation recently. He stated that some of the wrestlers were actually terrified as they didn’t know what was really going on. "[The airport situation] was weird, it was definitely unusual," Corey admitted.

"We got to the airport immediately after the Crown Jewel event. There were a litany of delays and no one seemed to be able to get a surefire answer as to what was causing the delays. We heard everything from the fuel truck was parked on the runway and the guy that drove the fuel truck wasn't there.

There were literally ten or fifteen reasons why we couldn't get on the plane. Everyone was exhausted - we just wanted to get on the plane, get some sleep, and get ready to head back to the states to Buffalo for SmackDown."