Corey Graves on Vince McMahon Not Leaving Talent Behind

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Corey Graves on Vince McMahon Not Leaving Talent Behind

The WWE holds most of its shows in the US, but about a year ago, they started doing shows in Saudi Arabia. The WWE took full advantage of how much the Saudis love professional wrestling. The most recent event was the WWE Crown Jewel event.

It was, without doubt, a great event and many good wrestlers performed at the event. Most superstars could not make it back to the US after the event though. It was due to a mechanical failure that left them stranded in the country.

According to Corey Graves, many wrestlers were actually scared and they did not know what the issue was, until much later. Corey also spoke about Vince McMahon. He stated that Vince did not leave the superstars in the country as some reports suggested.

"What really got to me was when the rumors started coming out, the first one being that Vince left everybody in Saudi Arabia. That's not true and I'm going to tell you why - if you work here, you know that every week no matter where on the planet Earth we are, as soon as the final bell rings, as soon as it's made sure that all the talent's okay or whoever was in the last match, Vince gets on his jet and goes home or to the next city because the guy is busy running WWE”.

The WWE had to use the NXT Invasion angle for the Smackdown after that event as most stars could not make it in time for it.