Ranee Young on WWE Commentary Job

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Ranee Young on WWE Commentary Job

There are very few people in the world that can call matches properly. Those that can call matches well are often hired by the best sports organizations in the world. They are highly valuable and they keep getting offers from the highest paying organizations.

The WWE is known for hiring good commentators in the past. These days, their commentary team is not doing as well as it used to in the past according to many fans. The WWE just places anybody they can on the commentary table these days.

They simply put the ones that are slightly famous. Ranee Young started her career as a backstage interviewer. She is now extreme famous and many different organizations want her to work for them. Young was a guest on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.

She stated that she was never comfortable with the commentary job. "I never felt comfortable doing the job. It was a very stressful year to be quite honest. You look at that situation, I'm here in WWE, kind of like the first female to come into that role, and obviously, that role has grown exponentially since with so many women we have backstage doing shows and hosting shows etc.

But at the time I had kind of done everything so I thought to myself, what is it that I need to do? I need to do something else. I can't just sit back here and do these backstage interviews any more I need something else to chew on," said Young.