Big Show on Wrestling Psychology

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Big Show on Wrestling Psychology

Big show is one of the only few remaining wrestlers from the Attitude Era. At a recent appearance on the Busted Open Radio podcast, he recalled his time when in-ring psychology really mattered. "It was a different time back then.

You have to figure, I think our business was more competitive back then because where you were on the card had a direct relation to how much money that you made so it was a shoot in respect of, if you were the champion, if you were a tag champion, if you were working towards the latter-end of the card you made more money so yeah, if there were guys that were working after you towards the end of the card making more money than you, yeah, you didn't like them," Big Show said.

"You were pissed off at them, it wasn't the whole everybody gets along, you know what I mean? You had an opportunity and you had to get an angle to go over to be able to work live events to get a better position on live events to make more money.

I think the biggest thing that bothers me in today's wrestling is that everybody is too nice to each other. They are all way too nice. It is all too chummy, chummy."