Jerry Jarrett on Heat With Kane

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Jerry Jarrett on Heat With Kane

Before Kane became a huge WWE superstar, he used to fight under the ring name ‘Doomsday’ for Jeff Jarrett’s promotion. On Hannibal TV, Jarrett talked about his heat with Kane, despite Jarrett being the one introducing Kane to Vince McMahon.

"Kane has been a little bit of a disappointment," Jerry revealed, "Because I saw him when I was up for the Hall of Fame. And maybe he didn't see me, but I thought he did because I waved at him and said, 'Hello Glenn!' Then when he was running for the mayor of Knoxville, I sent him a little tweet and said, 'Glenn, it's your old buddy', and he didn't answer back.

So I don't know what that situation was, but I would think he wouldn't forget that his mother used to call me twice a week and say, 'Do you think Glenn's wasting his time? Will he ever make any money in this business?' I said, 'Yes ma'am, I think he will.

(You) just got to wait for your opportunity.' " "I don't think he has forgotten that I'm the one that flew him to New York and introduced him to Vince McMahon," Jarrett noted. "Maybe… I just, I don't know.

All I can go by is the way he has acted, and if I see Sting or Scott Hall, they will run through the crowd to hug my neck. So there's some big difference."