Shane McMahon Will Appear on Table For 3

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Shane McMahon Will Appear on Table For 3

The McMahon family has been a huge part of the WWE. They own it and they run it. Even today, Vince McMahon is in charge of WWE biggest shows. He doesn’t let anything happen without his approval. Some wrestlers do not like it, whereas others do.

Some people believe that Vince McMahon is the reason why the WWE is failing these days. Inside the WWE, member of the McMahon family have appeared many times. They are even part of major storylines. That is one of the reasons why the McMahon family is so famous.

They are also great at getting reactions from the crowd. For a long time, Shane McMahon has been a big part of WWE TV. He turned heel a while ago and has since then helped WWE create good storylines. Shane McMahon is also a good performer and regularly takes huge risks.

He is well-known for jumping off Hell in a Cell multiple times. Not many wrestlers in the world can do it, but he makes it look easy. According to a new report, Shane McMahon will be part of the new Table for 3 episodes. It will be called “Mealing and Dealing”.

The guests for that episode will be Shane McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard. They will most likely talk about business and nothing else. They might also take a look at what is next for the WWE.