Tito Santana on Best Moments and El Matador

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Tito Santana on Best Moments and El Matador

Tito Santana worked for the WWE for 11 years. He was present during the 80s and left during the 90s. He is a former 4-time WWE champion. He was inducted into the 2004 Hall of Fame. On the WINCLY podcast he stated that his best moment was when he stepped into the Madison Square Garden.

"I had a lot of great moments, but coming from a small town that was a real pleasure stepping into MSG." He used the El Matador gimmick during his last days in the WWE. The gimmick was based on his Hispanic heritage.

He revealed that he never liked the gimmick on the podcast. "The reason I didn't like it is because they promised they were going to do something with it and they didn't do anything with it. It was something that Vince created just to ex me out," stated Santana.

Tito worked arguably during the best years of professional wrestling. Professional wrestling became extremely famous in the 80s. Tito spoke about how different the WWE is now. "First of all, it needs competition. I do think that old school works.

The WWE is completely different as it's entertainment and TV. They rehearse the whole match and the guys don't understand psychology," said Santana. Tito’s matches were definitely very entertaining. By today’s standards, his matches can be considered very slow and not many WWE fans today will like them.