Zelina Vega on Working for the WWE

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Zelina Vega on Working for the WWE

Zelina Vega is now a full-time professional wrestler. She works for the WWE. She was a TNA wrestler before that and made a few appearances for the WWE in the past. She appeared in the 2013 WWE tryout and in NXT in 2016. She didn’t land in the WWE permanently until 2017.

WWE NXT offered her, her first contract in 2017. She was on the Cheap Heat podcast, where she stated that she is never really satisfied with her work and always wishes to do more. "I don't think I have ever been completely satisfied, which is probably the right way to say it.

I always felt like I wanted more. I felt incomplete. I was always happy but I felt incomplete and that I needed to be pushing through," Vega said on the Cheap Heat podcast. "At one point when we recorded Fighting with My Family at the Staples Center it was an incredible feeling and I loved it but I was playing AJ Lee and I wanted it to be me.

"I was grateful for the opportunity. If that was all I was going to ever do with the WWE I was incredibly happy to do but deep down inside I knew I had to keep fighting to do this”. Zelina Vega still performs regularly in the WWE and is one of their most well-known female wrestlers. She works in tag matches these days mostly.