AJ Styles Gets Heat for Praising Mauro Ranallo

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AJ Styles Gets Heat for Praising Mauro Ranallo

AJ Styles is one of the top talents in the WWE right now. He was a very well-known indie wrestler that was able to rise to the top of various indie promotions. He was eventually hired by the WWE. In the WWE, he won most of the best titles that the promotion has.

AJ Styles recently spoke about Mauro Ranallo, who is a commentator. He stated that Mauro is the best commentator in the business. AJ Styles received a reply from a Twitter user. The user criticized AJ Styles for forgetting about Jim Ross, the famous WWE Hall of Famer who is very well-known for his work in the WWE as a commentator.

The user wrote, “Stop acting like you don't know who @JRsBBQ is cause you work in that "universe" where no other company exists. I love @mauroranallo and he should be calling Raw but he's not better then @JRsBBQ or @tonyschiavone24."

Aj Styles responded to that user by saying, “Normally I don't reply to real morons, but you've earned it. @mauroranallo is one of the busiest commentators not only in wrestling, but in sports that people get knocked out.

Why do you think that's so? You simple minded idiot." AJ Styles was one of the reasons why TNA was popular a few years back. He had many memorable matches with WWE Hall of Famer, Sting. He made his debut at a Royal Rumble event and he made an instant impact.