Rusev on Lashley and Lana's Current Storyline

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Rusev on Lashley and Lana's Current Storyline

Rusev was at one time one of the best WWE Superstars. He was part of some high profile storylines and was a popular heel. He was a guest on The Sun recently. He stated that the current storyline that involves Lana, Bobby Lashley and him has effected his married life.

He and Lana had to make huge adjustments. He was asked whether he was forced into this storyline. Rusev revealed that it was a collaboration and all of them came up with it together. "It's a collaboration," Rusev revealed.

"There's adjustments that we make, but that's just life. We're committed to our characters on TV, so we just have to make slight adjustments, but we're professionals and we're coping with it."

Rusev was one of the most used heels after he made his debut on the WWE main roster. Just shortly after debuting, he was billed as the Bulgarian Brute and used to humiliate American wrestlers. After winning a few matches, he was placed in a US Title angle with John Cena.

That was probably the highest point of his career. He wrestled John Cena at various PPV events and managed to beat him a few times. Rusev is no longer one of WWE’s top talents and returned only about a month ago. He was on hiatus and some people believed that he might not return ever. He did, and the WWE is now using him.