Corey Graves on Wyatt’s Red Light Usage

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Corey Graves on Wyatt’s Red Light Usage

Corey Graves is a very outspoken WWE Personality. He is a commentator and now runs his own podcast called After The Bell. He was also a performer, but he doesn’t perform anymore. He might in the future though as he has a huge set of fans.

On his podcast, he spoke about Bray Wyatt, who is The Fiend nowadays. Although Graves likes The Fiend, he doesn’t not like the red light that floods areas when The Fiend comes out. "Everything that Bray Wyatt has been doing is awesome, it's definitely a bright spot in WWE whether it be on RAW or SmackDown," Corey said.

"But I can say that I am not looking forward to any more of that damn red light during The Fiend matches. I'm not going to get on another rant because I already wasted enough breath on the top of the show, but let's hope Bray Wyatt defends the title.

I could totally use some Firefly Funhouse music, and some puppets, and lights during a WWE main event." The Fiend recently beat Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Title. The Fiend is one of the most popular WWE Characters in the WWE right now.

Bray Wyatt’s previous character got stale and many people wanted to see him change. The Fiend is definitely more terrifying than his previous character. The Fiend is also super hard to beat.