Corey Graves on Rusev’s Storyline

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Corey Graves on Rusev’s Storyline

Most WWE fans do not like the current love triangle storylines that involves Lana, Rusev and Bobby Lashley. Many fans believe that the storyline should end as the WWE is dragging it for far too long. It is true though that the WWE is giving too much airtime to this storyline and they just keep dragging it.

Corey Graves also believes that this storyline should be dropped. He is a famous WWE personality who recently started his own podcast called After The Bell. He hates the storyline and he himself wants to see it end fast. "My God, let it end!

Let the suffering stop! I don't feel bad for Rusev, I think Rusev looks ridiculous. He's got a smokeshow for a wife but she bailed on him for reasons that were brought up but never really covered. Good on my man Bobby Lashley, though, putting in that work to the point where he injured himself, which is an accomplishment in itself," Corey joked.

"I'm curious to know exactly what was being performed to suffer a supposed groin tear which we learned was not actually a torn groin. What a ruse though!” Some people also believe that this storyline is making Rusev look extremely bad.

He recently came back to work for the WWE and many people believe he deserves to be placed in better storylines and possibly in a main event picture.