Bobby Lashley talks about working with Braun Strowman

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Bobby Lashley talks about working with Braun Strowman

During Bobby Lashley's first tenure with WWE, he was a two-time ECW World Champion and one-time United States Champion. Lashley is also known for his work in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling/Impact Wrestling, where he was a four-time TNA/Impact World Champion, a one-time X Division Champion, and one-time and final King of the Mountain Champion.

After returning to WWE in 2018, Lashley would become a two-time Intercontinental Champion. Between WWE and TNA/Impact, Lashley has won a total of eleven championships, six of those eleven being world championships, and has also headlined multiple pay-per-view events.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Lashley talked about working with Braun Strowman: “He is exactly as you see him. ‘BRAUN!’. He is loud, he is big, he is strong. Shoots guns, drinks beer. He is exactly his character, and he’s strong as hell.

I actually enjoyed that segment, too, man. I enjoyed doing something with Braun because, to me, I look at him, and it’s a fight. I look in his face, I call him a b***h and he looks at me, he’s like, “Do you wanna fight?” I’m like, “Yeah, I wanna fight!

It’s like, ‘YES!’. It’s like, ‘FINALLY someone that wants me to fight them! I can hit him as hard as I want to! I liked it. It was exciting. It’s good working with Braun, man. Braun is just one of those guys that, no matter what he does, he brings a lot to it.Kids see him come out, they go, “Oh, my God”.

People see him come out and he’s this massive person, so I enjoyed it and I think the Arm Wrestling Match kind of set some records with the YouTube channel with WWE – so it was a cool experience”.