Seth Rollins Challenges CM Punk

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Seth Rollins Challenges CM Punk

As noted, Seth Rollins spoke to CM Punk again on Twitter recently and continued taunting him. CM Punk spoke to his fans on Twitter and commented on the current state of professional wrestling. Punk wrote, "It IS weird trying to catch up on 5+ years of rasslin', I'm doing what I can.

There's bright spots, mostly women from what I can tell. There's BAD too. I'm gonna talk about it, and no one is safe. Join us. @ReneeYoungWWE @WWEonFOX @BookerT5x @RealPaigeWWE @VinceMcMahon @TonyKhan" Seth Rollins responded to this tweet of CM Punk’s and challenged him to fight again.

Rollins wrote, "Don't talk about me, fight me. I'll catch ya right up." Rollins called out Punk right after Punk made his debut on WWE Backstage. The episode aired on FS1 last week. Punk will be on FS1 for this week’s episode and he will be properly involved in the various wrestling discussions.

Rollins actually wanted to fly over to the FOX TV studios to confront CM Punk in Los Angeles. This was an offer made by Rollins. We do not know whether Rollins will actually fly over to Los Angeles to confront CM Punk. We believe that the WWE will be forced to bring CM Punk back into a WWE ring again to boost ratings.

CM Punk has a huge fan base and many people want to see him wrestle inside a WWE ring again. According to reports, CM Punk turned down a huge offer made by the AEW.