Kalisto On Getting Noticed in Public and Lucha Underground

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Kalisto On Getting Noticed in Public and Lucha Underground

Wearing a mask as a wrestler is quite an advantage. Nobody knows who you are, and it is very easy to go around in public without being noticed. Kalisto is one of the more popular wrestlers that wear a mask. Unfortunately for him, he is now being noticed in public.

He talks about this on the Steve Austin Show. According to him, Sasha Banks is the reason why he gets notice now. "That's the cool thing about me, I guess." Kalisto said, "I get my privacy because nobody knows what I look like.

I can go in and out at a restaurant or whatever, bar, anywhere! Anywhere I want to go and I don't get bothered. Now, when I'm with Sasha, 'hey, that [has] got to be Kalisto, right?' I'm like, 'eeh, hey, what's up, man? Do you want a picture?'" He also admitted that he still watches Lucha Underground and that he has wrestled everyone on that roster.

"Oh yeah, Pentagón, Jr., Fénix, everybody that's there, I've wrestled." Kalisto said, "and I've been in the ring with everyone [on the] show pretty much. It's a funny story with Pentagón because I was Octagón, Jr.

in Mexico. And then, from there, they created Pentagón, Jr. And then, we had this feud. We only had one pay-per-view, but then I signed with WWE. So it was a short term [run], but it worked out great for Pentagón and Pentagón is doing big stuff right now. His cero miedo, man, it's going all over! Zero fear, right now, he's on top."