Seth Rollins reveals his plans after retiring from wrestling

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Seth Rollins reveals his plans after retiring from wrestling

Seth Rollins recently started a storyline with his former friend Dean Ambrose, which is expected to continue in the coming months. In a conversation on Greg Atoms Show, Seth talked about his plans after retiring from wrestling.

“I’ve already kind of got something going with my wrestling school back home in Iowa. I think once I get off the road and my in-ring career is done take probably at least take a few years off and relax a little bit.

You know, but who knows I always like giving back to the business. It’s been my passion, like you said, my entire life. "So it’s certainly something I feel like I’ll be involved in one way or another for as long as I can as long as I’m giving something and you know making progress, not just kind of stagnating" - Rollins revealed.

On Shinsuke Nakamura: “Yes, we had mingled a little bit in the Royal Rumble last year, but first time in a single match for sure. For me, you know I can’t speak for him, but for me a lot of respect, he’s someone who I’ve admired from afar.

"To be able to get into the ring with him, test myself against him, really get to find out how good I am. It’s a treat, he was an excellent opponent and I was glad that we got that first out of the way successfully”.