Corey Graves on Not Working at PPV events

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Corey Graves on Not Working at PPV events

Corey Graves used to work for both RAW and Smackdown shows as a commentator. Now he only works as a Smackdown commentator. This also means he does not work as much as he used to on pay-per-view events. Graves was on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast recently.

"It's cool to be able to get that perspective as a fan again and be sort of removed a little bit and not have that audio aspect of it and just listen to the crowd. It was at Hell in a Cell and being able to watch Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch basically as a fan from a great front-row seat.

It was awesome. It was amazing how much you can enjoy this business when you can remove yourself from it a little bit," said Graves. Dio Maddin is Graves’ replacement on RAW and works as a color commentator. Graves was asked whether he has given him any advice or not.

"I can't sympathize with him because he literally went from, 'I'm going to learn how to do commentary' to 'I'm doing Monday Night Raw.' I did NXT for two years before being called up. I have talked to him and chatted with him.

I get along with him great," stated Graves. Graves now runs his own show on a podcast and he is one of the most popular commentators in the WWE right now.