Jericho’s Possible next Feud and Selling Wine

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Jericho’s Possible next Feud and Selling Wine

Chris Jericho started his professional wrestling career in the 1990s. He was a mid-card wrestler in the WCW and wrestled some of the well-known names in the promotion. He could never reach the top of the company though. He left the WCW and joined the WWE after spending a few years at WCW, and over there, he became one of the biggest professional wrestling stars of the early 2000s.

He was the first WWE Undisputed Champion. These days, Jericho is working for All Elite Wrestling and is one of their top stars. He is one of the reasons why AEW is so popular and many famous former WWE stars are now part of AEW.

Jericho recently defended his title against Scorpio Sky at a recent AEW Dynamite PPV event. After the match, Jon Moxley came through the crowd and took a very close look at Jericho. The show ended with Jericho taunting Moxley with the title.

Moxley is now sitting at number 2 on the official rankings. PAC was the number 2 before, but he recently lost to Kenny Omega, so rankings could change next week. This would mean that Jon Moxley will the next person who can challenge Chris Jericho for his AEW World Title. Jon managed to beat Kenny Omega in an unsanctioned bout, and he is probably the company’s current top competitor.