The Viking Raiders on Changing Their Names

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The Viking Raiders on Changing Their Names

The Viking Raiders are the current RAW Tag Team Champions. They were on the After The Bell Podcast as guests. Corey Graves is the host of the podcast. The tag made its debut in January 2018. They started in NXT. At that time, they were called the War Raiders and captured the NXT Tag Team Titles once.

They made their main roster debut in April and were called The Viking Experience at that time. During the podcast, they revealed that they did not like the name. Their name was changed to the Viking Raiders after about a week.

"We knew at this point we weren't going to be Hanson and Rowe,” explained Erik. “The primary focus was The Viking Experience. We caught Vince as he was going somewhere else and we pleaded our case about the name.

It sounded like a Disney name and there were 10 names we gave him. The last one we gave him was Viking Raiders and he kind of paused on that one. He said they would introduce us as Viking Experience and if they didn't feel it they would rename us to something else”.

The Viking Raiders is a very powerful tag team. They have so far wrestled very well and can easily overpower any tag team in the current roster. They are also quite good at cutting promos and can hype up matches.