Mike Kanellis on Requesting His Release

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Mike Kanellis on Requesting His Release

Mike Kanellis is a well-known WWE Superstar and he appeared on The Smarks & Stripes podcast. He first started speaking about requesting his release from the WWE and shared his thoughts on why he and the WWE do not get along very well.

He also understands why WWE did not let him go. He requested his release on the 14th of October, 2019. He stated that he had personal reasons for doing it, and he wasn’t super dissatisfied with the company. "For me, it was all personal," Kanellis stated.

"It had nothing to do with the company. Since the minute I got to WWE, they've treated me great; they've treated my wife great; they've treated my daughter great. They've treated me great. When I came out and said that I had an addiction, there was no negativity from anybody - it was just constant support.

"And so, for me personally having been almost two-and-a-half years sober, it got to the point where I started reflecting on my past and what I did and it became very hard for me to almost sit and reflect”. Mike is currently not on top of the WWE.

He used to be a 205 Live superstar and slowly made his way to the main roster. Over there, he managed to capture the 24/7 Title a few times which increased his popularity. On the podcast, he stated that he is happy with his current storyline.