Shawn Michaels talks about the Performance Center

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Shawn Michaels talks about the Performance Center

In the WWF/WWE, Shawn Michaels headlined pay-per-view events between 1989 and 2018, closing the company's flagship annual event, WrestleMania, five times. He was the co-founder and original leader of the successful stable, D-Generation X.

Michaels also wrestled in the American Wrestling Association (AWA), where he founded The Midnight Rockers with Marty Jannetty in 1985. After winning the AWA World Tag Team Championship twice, the team continued to the WWF as The Rockers and had a high-profile breakup in January 1992.

Within the year, Michaels twice challenged for the WWF Championship and won his first Intercontinental Championship, heralding his arrival as one of the industry's premier singles stars. During a long interview with Sports Illustrated, Michaels talked about the Performance Center: “The wrestling business has advanced so much since I broke in.

I broke in during the territory days, and no one knew the global entity that the WWE would become. The Performance Center has tried to be symbolic of every aspect of the wrestling business, from promos to television to production.

It just about replicates every aspect of the WWE and life in the wrestling business you can cover, and that’s what sets it apart from any other place. We’re going to do what we always do. And that’s put on the best show we can and let the chips fall where they may”.