Kofi Kingston Praises Big E

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Kofi Kingston Praises Big E

Kofi Kingston is one of the few wrestlers that got pushed recently by the WWE. It sometimes takes talented wrestlers years to get noticed by Vince McMahon. He is currently one of the most popular wrestlers in the WWE. Kofi managed to beat Daniel Bryan for the WWE Title and became WWE’s first-ever African born WWE Champion.

Kofi Kingston is part of The New Day. Big E and Xavier Woods are the other members of The New Day besides him. They rarely perform as solo wrestlers Kofi was with AL.com where they asked him about Big E doing a solo run in the WWE.

Big E was a solo wrestler before he joined The New Day. "He could bring the world. Big E is a phenomenal competitor and just a really, really funny dude on so many different levels, easily the funniest one out of all three of us,"revealed Kingston.

"Me and Woods say all the time, it's not fair. He can just kind of look at you and have people dying laughing. He has his finger on the pulse of what is good in wrestling. He knows how to make things unique. I agree 100 percent that he would have an amazing singles run”.

The New Day is still one of the most popular groups in the WWE and they might continue for many years to come. They are a successful tag team group as well but are regularly used for comedy.