Vince McMahon Appears with The New Day

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Vince McMahon Appears with The New Day

This past week, the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion, The New Day, came to the ring. They issued an open challenge to entertain the fans and also to keep themselves relevant. The challenge was answered by Shinsuke Nakamura, who was accompanied by Sami Zayn.

Cesaro came out with him. Nakamura and Cesaro did not beat the champions. Cathy Kelly later appeared with Big E and Kofi Kingson backstage. She spoke to them about their victory on Smackdown. Just as they were talking, out came Vince McMahon to do a quick cameo.

He started inspecting the Tag Team Titles and then said, “very becoming”. He then went his way. "We got the stamp of approval!" Kingston responded. "You've seen it here first. He took his time to come over and say what's up to your boys because everybody wants to be down with the New Day!" Vince has regularly appeared in the news recently as he was not happy with Seth Rollins.

Rollins called out CM Punk on RAW, and he didn’t like that. He also didn’t like the Survivor Series main event that was held recently. Shayna Baszler beat Becky Lynch and Bayley that night. The match was not a good one.

Vince is still pretty hands-on. He is not in charge of NXT, but he is definitely not going to let RAW and Smackdown run on their own as long as he is alive. Vince does not trust anybody with the creative process it seems.