Stephanie McMahon selects her three-best moments in WWE

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Stephanie McMahon selects her three-best moments in WWE

The new pay-per-view Evolution represented a unique event in WWE history, as pointed out several times by Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. During a recent interview with Planeta Wrestling, Stephanie revealed the importance of this event not only for the present but also for the next few years.

“My top three moments in WWE are a little hard to pick. Of course, for me personally wrestling Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania was a huge highlight for me. You know, it was her first-ever match. In terms of working with Ronda, my kids came down to watch me train in the performance centre with Ronda.

"They watched us go through the match and Ronda got in the ring with them and she was great. She really is a wonderful person and she got in the ring with them and worked them over a little bit and then it was really cute.

"It was at WrestleMania and I’m just proud I could be part of that wrestling with my husband as my tag team partner. You know one of the greatest of all time. And of course, Kurt Angle, Olympic Gold Medalist that was definitely for me.

"But the biggest highlight for me is [WWE Evolution]. The biggest moment is this moment in time that we’re all making happen together. It is, it felt like WrestleMania to me" - McMahon said. In 2019 the main event of WrestleMania could further raise the status of the Women's Division.