WWE Contest Winner Works as Enhancement Talent

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WWE Contest Winner Works as Enhancement Talent

This week on RAW, The Viking Raiders fought some enhancement talents. The Viking Raiders are the current RAW Tag Team Champions. The enhancement talents were billed Mark Sterling and Mitchell Lyons. “Smart” Mark Sterling played the role of Sterling.

He is a producer for Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins’ Major Wrestling Figure Podcast. Sterling received his training from Create A Pro wrestling school that is owned by Hawkins and WWE Producer Pat Buck. Sterling spoke on Twitter about his experience and RAW Debut after the match.

He also tagged Ryder, Buck and Hawkins. He wrote, "I don't even know what to say to be honest. This meant a lot to me. Thanks to everyone that reached out with support already. Thanks to everyone that helped me get there.

@CreateAPro @majorwfpod @buckneverstops @TheCurtHawkins @ZackRyder" Ryder and Hawkins responded back by saying, “Very proud of our @majorwfpod producer, @SilverIntuition, for wrestling tonight on #Raw! #Scratchthatfigureitch #SilverBalls" Lyons was played by “Mama’s Boy” Jake Tucker.

He made an appearance on WWE Programming in 2014. He won the “Show Us Your Superstar” contest with Totino’s Bold. Tucker received his training from the Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy that is owned by Kane and Dr.

Tom Prichard. It appears that Tucker still uses his robe from “Show Us Your Superstar" promo. The WWE has been using a lot enhancement talents recently which is a good thing.