Will CM Punk Appear This Week?

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Will CM Punk Appear This Week?

There are many WWE fans that want to see CM Punk return to the WWE. The WWE and CM Punk parted ways in early 2014. CM Punk did not leave the company on good terms. In many interviews, he stated that he wasn’t given the opportunities that he truly deserved.

He wasn’t put in the main event of WrestleMania which hurt his morale. CM Punk now works at WWE Backstage. He is not directly working for the WWE however. He was hired by FOX, so the WWE really has no control over him. CM Punk did not appear on WWE Backstage this week.

This is the second time in a row that he did not appear on the show that airs on FS1. He most likely did not appear to avoid a confrontation with Seth Rollins who appeared this week on WWE Backstage. Rollins and CM Punk fought each other on Twitter, so FOX probably didn’t want them to fight on WWE Backstage.

"I'm here, he's not here and I'm not shocked about that," Rollins said. "I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject. I just don't think it's going anywhere, I'm not shocked that he's not here, so I think it's time to maybe move on to something that matters.

I wish he was here. I wish we could have a face-to-face, but it's not in the cards." CM Punk will appear next week on the show though.