Samoa Joe to Stay on Commentary

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Samoa Joe to Stay on Commentary

In order to increase the quality of their product, the WWE hires the best commentators for their commentary team. Good commentators such as Jim Ross made bad matches look good. Commentary can be very powerful, and the experienced commentators are even able to tell what is going on every second in the ring.

Many commentators are actually former WWE Professional Wrestlers. Some of them work extremely well, as they have plenty of knowledge about different wrestling moves and the skill required to perform those moves. Samoa Joe recently joined the WWE commentary team.

He is a former indie wrestler and was extremely popular before he joined the WWE. Joe will stay on RAW’s commentary team with Vic Joseph and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. He can return to the ring as soon as he is medically cleared.

Joe broke his thumb recently, so he can’t wrestle. Besides joining RAW commentary team he appeared a few times on WWE Backstage. Samoa Joe is one of WWE’s top talents and is a former Impact Wrestling wrestler. He is an experienced wrestler and is able to pull some complicated moves without much difficulty. He has feuded with some of the top WWE Superstars since he arrived.