Sasha Banks on Feud with Lacey Evans

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Sasha Banks on Feud with Lacey Evans

Sasha Banks appeared at this week’s Smackdown. She came out to the ring just after Lacey Evans finished her match with Harley Jones, who is an enhancement talent. She came out to speak to Evans and tell Evans what’s in her mind.

Banks reminded Evans about who is the real leader of the women’s division and went on to mention Evans’ daughter in her promo. "I'm here to tell you to never, ever mess with me or Bayley again," Banks said.

"And just because you're a terrible role model to your bratty little six-year old, doesn't mean you can come out here and interrupt me." Evans told Banks to never bring her daughter into any conversation again.

She spoke about it on social media after getting attacked by Bayley, who is the SmackDown Women’s Champion. "Imagine feeling so inadequate you have to get a partner to make you feel successful within a career. Imagine being such a threat they know it takes both to come after you.

Then, imagine running your mouth about my kid." Sasha Banks is currently working as a heel wrestler. She is one of the pioneers of the women’s revolution. Banks worked as a babyface for most of her career. Sasha Banks will most likely stay in the WWE for a very long time, even though some people thought that she would leave the WWE after WrestleMania 35.